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Rules of the Raise” is the first article in the upcoming “Napkin to Market” series authored by Patrick Kullmann of CG3 Consulting.

The Environment
If you’re on the verge of starting your own medical device, biotech or pharma company, there’s something you should know—80 percent of early stage and startup companies fail. That’s the bad news. The good news is, as an early stage company leader, you can utilize key knowledge to prepare yourself and increase the probability of securing funding and ultimate success in a very difficult economic climate.


Do you need to assess the value of your device to meet the expectations of physicians, patients and payers? What sometimes may be appealing and useful to one, might offer little or insignificant value to another, therefore producing a negative impact on your bottom line.


“Valuation Principles for Early Stage Companies” is the third article in the “Napkin to Market” series authored by Patrick Kullmann of CG3 Consulting.

Valuation Principles and the Angel Investor-Things That You Need to Know
In the last two months of LifeScience Alley News articles, I outlined the risks and the rewards of the early start medical device company in the fundraising process with “Rules of the Raise” - how to successfully raise financial resources in a difficult economic environment for your startup medical device company, and “First Things First”, how to successfully start a medical device company. This month we are focusing on the basic understanding of risk capital, the providers of risk capital and what angel investors are looking for in the valuation process. Understanding the angel investment process and managing expectations throughout the process for a successful outcome is….