What people are saying about WMDO online training

“Dramatically improves knowledge about medical device processes and regulations and I particularly appreciated the interactivity of the courses which made it easy to understand the content”

-Francesco Foschini, USA

“Excellent information, well done and easy to use. The resource documents were a good help for continued reading” -Carin Nilsson, Switzerland


“I would love to take more of these courses. The instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job of presenting the subject. To be strongly recommended” -Debby Powers, USA


"WMDO’s professional online device training meets our needs while adding value to our company. Benefits to our staff include 24/7 access to the diverse course catalog, comprehensive training material, and no travel expenses. In today’s virtual world, using WMDO as our primary training program provides a practical solution for continuing education." -Ann Hinkle, Quality Manager, Clinical Research Consultants, Inc., USA


"I am impressed by the quality of the online trainings which cover a large area of expertise. The pricing is fair and the content is concise & to-the-point, giving real life examples and suggestions for implementation. In addition, the premium account gives subscribers the feature to reach out to SME’s with possible questions and comments." -Isabelle de Bock, Cordis, Belgium


"I love your program it is helping me tremendously with my job as a CRA. I have been with the company for 3 years but pretty much hit the ground running with little or no time for training. Your courses reference case studies from many different therapeutic areas which improves my overall understanding since my area of expertise is Ophthalmology. This program allows me to work at my own pace giving the courses my full attention which allows me to learn more information." -Laurie Vickers, Clinical Research Consultants, Inc., USA