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September 6-9 SICOT 2011
Prague, Czech Republic
September 10-14 CIRSE 2011
Munich, Germany
September 17-21 29th Congress of the ESCRS
Vienna, Austria
September 21-22 PDA 2011 Combination Products Workshop
Washington DC
September 22-23 2nd Annual Clinical Trials for Medical Devices
Brussels, Belgium
October 19-21 EuroSpine 2011
Milan, Italy
October 22-25 AAO 2011 Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida
October 23 Combination Product Regulation in the US Market
Indianapolis, Indiana
November 1-5 NASS 2011 Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
November 7-10 The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes & Injection Devices - Device Usability and Compliance
Basel, Switzerland
November 7-11 TCT 2011
San Francisco, California